Unlock the full potential of your swim school

Are you tired of the endless paperwork and manual processes that come with running a swim school?

When we talk to swim school owners many are struggling to keep up with admin work that is slowly creeping into their nights and weekends.

Many swim schools are relying on outdated or clunky software that is making life harder than it needs to be!

Wishing there was a better way?

Look no further than First Class Software.

First Class is specifically designed to streamline the administrative tasks of running a swim school, allowing you to focus on what matters most – teaching your students to swim and looking after your customers.

With First Class you can easily manage your class schedule, track student progress, and communicate with parents all in one place.

First Class is a retention-focused class management platform. The platform is packed with features designed to help your swim school improve customer retention which is arguably the biggest driver of swim school success.

But that’s not all – First Class also includes powerful reporting features that provide valuable insights into your business. You can track revenue and expenses, monitor class attendance, and analyze student performance data to make informed decisions about how to grow and improve your school.

Key Features

Class scheduling and management

Student progress tracking and reporting

Parent communication tools (SMS, emails, notifications, etc.)

Online billing and payment processing

Customizable pricing and discount settings

Attendance tracking and reporting

Parent portal and app including online make up lessons

API for connecting with other software tools

Powerful reporting

Digital certificates

Shop/Point of sale feature for selling items such as drinks and merchandise

And much more

Tailored to your needs

We understand that every swim school is unique, which is why our software is highly customizable.

You can tailor the platform to meet the specific needs of your school, whether that’s creating custom class types, setting pricing and discounts, or configuring automated email.

Ready to use on any device

And the best part? Our Swim School Software is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. You can log in and manage your school from your computer, tablet, or phone, making it convenient and flexible for you and your staff.

Not all class management software is made equal, in fact, the best available class management software can be more than 100 times more impactful than an average software solution.

First Class is like having an army of business assistants working to make operating your swim school so much easier!

Comprehensive onboarding support for frictionless transition

One of the downsides of moving from an old or limited software system is the work required to change.

We make this as easy as possible for you and will have you set up and confident in the system within a few days. Our onboarding and support teams hold your hand every step of the way to make your transition as effortless as possible.

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