A modern and innovative platform for sports class businesses.

After spending 15 years with other software vendors in the sports and re-creation industries, First Class software’s founders noticed that despite there being several software solutions available for sports classes, none of them had mastered ALL areas required to help sports class businesses reach their potential.

Sports Class Businesses Need

The team at first class has ensured that their software masters ALL 3 of these areas.

First Class is not a management software – It is a business growth software designed to grow your sports business to the next level.

Whether you have 200 students or 2000 students, first class will give you the tools, automations and analytics to scale to the next level.

Many software solutions create more work and headaches for owners and managers.

Let First Class take your business to the next level!

Before you leave this page here is a little bit of information about our company values so you can get to know more about us!