Unleashing the Future of Class Management

First Class Software, Your Ideal Alternative to Jack Rabbit

In the ever-evolving realm of class management software, selecting the right platform is pivotal for the success and efficiency of your business.

As you navigate through the available options, it becomes evident that First Class Software is not just an alternative but a compelling upgrade from older platforms such as Jack Rabbit.

Elevate your operations, and future-proof your business with First Class Software

Let's delve into the reasons why First Class Software outshines Jack Rabbit.

Ease of Use

Initiating your journey with class management software hinges on user experience, and First Class Software takes the lead with its unparalleled ease of use. The platform prides itself on an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation for administrators, instructors, and clients. The streamlined design reduces the learning curve, fostering a positive and efficient experience for users of all technical backgrounds.

Branded Apps for a Personalized Experience

Unlike many class management solutions, First Class Software steps up with a branded app, an area where Jack Rabbit has been lacking. The custom branded app enhances your brand presence, providing a dedicated space for parents and customers. The ability to personalize the app with your branding elements establishes a seamless and professional connection with your audience, contributing to a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Xero Integration for Effortless Financial Management

Financial management remains a critical aspect of any business, and First Class Software integrates seamlessly with Xero, offering a comprehensive solution. This integration streamlines financial processes, including invoicing, payments, and reporting. Businesses can now benefit from accurate and real-time financial data, facilitating better decision-making and improved financial health.

Superior Skill Tracking

First Class Software excels in tracking and enhancing skill development, surpassing Jack Rabbit. The platform offers advanced skill tracking capabilities, empowering instructors to monitor and assess each student's progress with precision. This feature not only provides valuable insights into individual performance but also elevates the overall quality of instruction. First Class utilizes a "class view" for skill tracking, minimizing clicks and navigation to swiftly assess students within a class.

Schools' Module for Comprehensive Academic Management

Recognizing the complexities of managing external school groups, First Class Software introduces a dedicated Schools' Module—a feature absent in Jack Rabbit. This module significantly reduces the administrative burden of running school programs, making it an indispensable tool for providers offering sports lessons to external school groups.


In the competitive landscape of class management software, First Class Software emerges as the superior choice over Jack Rabbit.

With its intuitive interface, superior skill tracking, dedicated Schools’ Module, and seamless Xero integration, First Class Software represents a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution for businesses seeking efficiency, personalization, and excellence in class management.

Elevate your operations and future-proof your business with First Class Software. To experience the difference, book a demo at www.firstclassretention.com.