How Online Professional Development Classes Can Make Your Swim School a Wave Above

We are big believers in professional development and training.

We encourage all our team members to undertake additional professional development that will help them grow and improve their skill sets.

My focus over the last month or two has been learning more about Microsoft excel because it’s a tool I use regular during the work week. I have learnt some cool things like V look ups and how to use Macros and these have already had an impact on my productivity.

We also encourage users of First Class software to complete regular training to make sure they get the most out of the platform. A little extra training can provide a big return on investment.

Research also suggests that organizations that are leaders in their market segments tend to invest more in training. These companies experience 37% higher productivity and are 17% more likely to be market leaders.

If you are swim school owner looking to upskill your instructors and provide them with professional development opportunities then we highly recommend a platform called the Online Swim Academy which was founded by industry expert Tessa Rhodes.

We love what Tessa and the online swim academy offer.

Tessa is a big supporter of First Class software as a tool for swim schools but much more importantly the educational content she provides is really valuable.

The Online Swim Academy platform offers a comprehensive range of online professional development classes tailored specifically for swim instructors, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

Tessa has a long list of glowing testimonials which speak volumes about the benefits of the platform.

“This class was amazing! As an instructor I have learned so much throughout the lessons. Tessa has done an incredible job setting up a learning platform for instructors and parents!”Jade Everitt

“Brilliant. Very informative, explained well.”Margaret Terrell

If you are interested in learning more about the Online Swim Academy you can follow the link. Explore the extensive course library and discover how the Online Swim Academy can transform your swim school.