First Class Software A Popular Choice For Private Schools

Leading private schools are turning to innovative software to boost the capabilities of the swimming and gymnastics programs.

Many private schools have swim schools or gymnastics programs that leverage school facilities and offer lessons to both students of the school and external students.

The unique elements of operating these lessons within a school environment can often lead to additional administration headaches.

For example, students enrolled at the school may have lower lesson fees compared to external students, likewise, students of the school may have preference for specific classes and class times.

In addition to outstanding general functionality such as scheduling, attendance and skill tracking, communication, and billing, First Class software has a unique functionality that makes it an ideal fit for large private schools.

Some of those features include;

Tagging Feature

First Class’s tagging feature allows users to tag students with a specific label. For example, a school using the system may tag a swim school student as a “college student” meaning they are a member of the college student base. By applying this tag, the provider can then apply specific rules to any student with that tag, whether it’s to apply a specific discount or to allow access to specific classes.


Many large schools have customer relationship management systems that store key contact information of students and parents. A challenge in large private schools that operate lesson programs within the school facilities is that they often operate two sets of customer data. For example, if a parent updates their mobile number at school reception, they also need to do the exact same thing to update their contact information at the swim school. This causes a double-up for parents and creates a less-than-ideal customer experience. By using First Class’s contact API, schools can integrate their CRM system with First Class so if customers update their school contact record, key contact fields will automatically be updated in First Class preventing the need to double up action for the customer.

Schools Module

First Class also has a specific school module that sits outside its normal class management module. The school module is designed for the management of “school groups” whether PE classes or external groups coming for lessons. The school module allows centres to track these students’ abilities from one year to the next even if they are not part of the normal program.

Many of Australia’s most recognised schools across most Australian states are now using First Class including swim schools in Victoria, NSW, and QLD.

First Class is also used by many leading organisation outside of the school sector including, Rainbow Club, Elite Swimming, ESF Sports, the YMCA, and many more.

If you’d like to learn more about what First Class can offer your program please contact us on or 03 9431 0989.