Are Deck Supervisors Worth The Investment?

In this video, I wanted to answer the question are deck supervisors worth the investment?

So, a lot of swim schools in the industry employ what we call a deck supervisor. And the role of a deck supervisor is really to improve the customer experience. They’re there to help onboard new customers, support existing customers with questions, and things like that.

A lot of people ask the question, are they actually worth it, though? And I think the answer really depends on where your swim schools at. I think if you are the largest swim school with, say, over at least 500 students. The consideration of a deck supervisor is definitely worthwhile because it can have a really tangible retention benefit. It can keep customers satisfied because they’ve got that extra support to ask questions. And just to have general engagement with a friendly face in the swim school. If you are a smaller swim school, you may not have the numbers to justify having that extra cost of a deck supervisor. So, from a return-on-investment perspective, it can become a little bit more blurred, particularly when you’re smaller. But for a larger swim school with 500, 1000 plus students. The data that we get and the feedback that we get from the industry show that having a deck supervisor is definitely worth the investment in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.

So, if you are growing and are at a critical mass of customers, it’s definitely worth the consideration.

But I’d like to get everybody’s take on this. Feel free to leave a comment. Do you find a benefit in having a deck supervisor? Do you think it’s worth the investment or not? So, feel free to share your comments and we’ll catch you in our next video.