Measure This In Your Swim School

In this video, I’m going to share my favorite thing to measure in a swim school.

In a swim school, you can obviously measure a lot of different metrics and reports to track the performance of your business. One of the ones I really like to measure that not many swim schools do is what we call time in the level. And the reason I love this so much is that it can really help you identify how to improve your customer retention, and how to identify the people or the children that are most likely to drop out of your program.

So, how do we measure it? Obviously, we’re looking at measuring this in the number of weeks. It might be how long has child been in level two, maybe they’ve been in for five weeks, maybe they’ve been in for 20 weeks, maybe they’ve been in for 40 weeks. So, the time that they spend in a level, the longer that gets without them moving up, the higher the chance that they drop out of a swim school.

So, by measuring this, you can really identify, what we would call high-risk customers, the ones that are a high risk of dropping out. We typically see a threshold of around 30 weeks being a really critical period. Once a child has been in the same level for 30 weeks without moving up. They have a much higher chance of dropping out and canceling their lessons.

So, if you’re not currently measuring this in your swim school, please try and give it a go. It can be a really helpful thing to measure to grow and improve your business.